Organisational Sustainability

Ellems Cleaning Services Pty Ltd incorporations the three following points to assure their organisational sustainability:

  • keeping up with technological change,
  • considering the impact of our operations,
  • being flexible enough to change markets and change products as and when necessary

Ellems Cleaning Services aim is to minimise any harm resulting from our activities and to create economic, social and environmental value.


We minimise waste, focus on efficient energy use and engage products by sustainable suppliers. As a commercial cleaning company, we consider the impact of all aspects of our operations, therefore, considering things such as conserving water, offering our clients the options of using certified green cleaning products, and supplying clients with recycled paper products, and recycled and biodegradable bin liners is our way of reducing our impact on the environment.


We recognize the need to change to a greener and environmentally friendlier approach. An example of this approach is that Ellems ensured that our purchasing of cleaning equipment is of high-quality, this ensures an excellent clean, but also means that parts can be replaced on the machine or repaired and upgraded rather than replacing entire machines, which is better for the environment.

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