About Us

Mission Statement

To provide Quality cleaning with Quality service.

  • Maintain optimum levels of labour and supervision so as to maintain your premises to the highest possible standard of cleanliness and presentation.
  • Ensure our client satisfaction by providing a service that exceeds their expectations
  • Supporting our staff through training, providing a safe workplace, compliant work conditions and leadership
  • Continual improvement and growth through innovation

Company Profile

Established in 1984, Ellems has been providing consistent quality cleaning and specialised services to a large range of organisations throughout Queensland.

Ellems is a 100% family owned business and owner operated which means our services are delivered with dedication and a high level of customer service. Quality cleaning is a key factor in the service that is provided.

Ellems are capable of providing a complete range of cleaning and allied services to property owners and facility managers such as hygiene and waste removal. We pride ourselves in providing more than just a cleaning service but innovative solutions to your cleaning needs.

We are committed to supporting sustainable and efficient cleaning services without comprising quality.  


Ellems are proud to be sponsors of local community organisations that provide a positive service to the community.  We support organisations that promote healthy & active lifestyles, education in environmental awareness and community fundraisers.

It is our responsibility to make a conscience contribution in assisting our community and supporting the next generation.

We are proud supports of the "Special Children's" Christmas Party.