Privacy Policy


Ellems Cleaning Services Pty Ltd recognises the importance of privacy and is committed to ensuring the privacy of information pertinent to our company, our employees and our clients. Ellems Cleaning Services Pty Ltd is bound by the Privacy Act 1988 and the National Privacy Principles. Our policy for dealing with client and employee information and employee behaviour is explained below.

Exposure to Types of Information

Ellems Cleaning Services Pty Ltd collects information in the form of:

  • client cleaning requirements and contact details of client personnel where required by contract, and
  • employee information provided by the employee in order to assess their suitability for employment and for ongoing employment with Ellems Cleaning Services Pty Ltd.

Some of the types of information we collect are as follows:


  • Building plans and schedules of cleaning requirements with details of relevant contact persons
  • Client contact numbers for emergency contacts
  • Security information


  • Employee and prospective employee information, including the applicant's name and address, contact details such as phone numbers and email addresses, skills and employment history details
  • A minimum of 2 reference checks from previous employers. Referees are nominated by the applicant
  • Sensitive information including membership of a trade association and criminal record

Cleaners on client sites may be exposed to the following:

  • Documents left unattended on desks and other surfaces
  • Storage areas left unlocked or required to be accessed for the purposes of cleaning
  • Information displayed on computer screens
  • Information displayed on workplace notice boards

Use and Disclosure of Information

Information of a personal or private nature provided to Ellems Cleaning Services Pty Ltd will be used by company management supplied by clients during the course of contract delivery and for employees, during the recruitment and employment process. The information will only be distributed internally to the relevant Managers or Supervisors that are involved in the contract or supervision of cleaners. The information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Ellems Cleaning Services Pty Ltd enters into agreements to provide cleaning services which may result in particular persons having access to client information. They shall only ever have access to the information for the purpose of providing the cleaning services and must not use this information for other purposes. To do so would be considered theft or fraudulent behaviour. Confidentiality and privacy statements are signed at contract commencement by relevant management personnel.

Once the contract is terminated, or an employee Ellems Cleaning Services Pty Ltd, the information will be held and stored in a secure location for a minimum period of seven (7) years, after which time it will be shredded, or otherwise de-identified before we dispose of it.

Access to Information in the Delivery of Services

Our goal is to take all reasonable steps to ensure that personal and private information on client premises remains secure and out of visual contact of cleaning personnel. Clients are requested where practical to maintain a clear desk policy.

Cleaners are trained and instructed to not touch or clean desks or other surfaces where paperwork is displayed. Only surfaces free of paperwork will be cleaned unless otherwise instructed by the client.

Cleaners are trained not to read information on desks, computer screens or other information displayed in the workplace with the exception of Emergency Signage and Instruction.

Cleaners are made aware of the Privacy Act and the consequences of a breach of the Act should they read or otherwise make note of information that is not the property of Ellems Cleaning Services Pty Ltd

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Please note this Privacy Policy may change from time to time and at our sole discretion and all modifications will be effective immediately upon posting on our website but will always be available on our website.

Personal Information Security

Ellems Cleaning Services Pty Ltd is committed to keeping your personal and private information secure. Only senior managers have access to this information.

Clients and employees may have access to our system for a planned audit of the Privacy Policy only in relation to the information held on their behalf.

About our Privacy Policy

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